Film I watched by Sean Ripple. It captures your attention and covers a great many topics about our current world.

From the description on MutualArt.com of his show CritGroup at the Grayduck gallery about his film:

Sean Ripple’s developing online video adapts with participants’ content to test technology’s rapid ability to divide yet connect people.

His bio from Fusebox Festival:

Sean Ripple is an artist, writer, and curator based in Austin, TX. His projects are often improvisational and interventionist in nature and rely heavily on social media and the Internet to frame the outcomes of a feverish dedication to an idea. Recent projects have explored a perceived lack of commitment to interactivity and participation across a number of digital platforms as well as the destabilization of meaning that seems to trail technological innovation and advancement. His work has been featured in regional publications including …might be good, Glasstire, Austin American Statesman, and Conflict of Interest.


Terminatedbyanemptyline film

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