Painting I have been working on since 2016

I have been working on this current oil painting since January 2016. I only use the colors: red, blue, yellow, white and black. It began as a 16′ by 6′ canvas that I had stretched against a wall when I worked for AT&T. I suffered a concussion and was unable to work, watch TV or read so for a month I started painting. It began as abstract colors as I randomly painted. Eventually I filled the canvas and began to see faces or figures in the paint and started to add detail. I never returned to work at AT&T and began doing freelance data entry. I did not work on the painting again until 2018. I began using a 4 brush to paint dots in patterns on the painting. I covered the painting using one color at a time until I had completed a full cycle of the colors. After that I began the process again but now using a 2 brush. I use oil paint thinned with refined linseed oil. I have completed the white, black, blue and am currently on the yellow with the red layer coming last. It takes around 50 days to finish a layer. Once I finish this iteration I do not know if I will continue or call it done. Each day I take pictures of the area that I have worked on and edit my cat in front of them. Then I animate the photo. I began to think about stories. Check out my Instagram for new art.

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