How to Stop My Cat From Begging for Food

If you own a cat you are well aware of the chaos they can cause when they are hungry. My normally chill and happy friend would turn into a passive aggressive maniac when it was close to his meal. I was desperate to find out how to stop my cat from begging for food. In the morning when I was in bed he would get as close as possible to my face and yell. If that did not work he would start to knock anything he could over. I used to have my phone on the nightstand but had to put it in a drawer because of this.

Later in the day for his lunch he would meow almost constantly for the hour before his lunch. If that did not work he would do things that would get a response from me. He would chew on power cables. I would of course stop him from possibly shocking himself. He would feel that now that I have gotten up it is just a short distance to his food.

Luckily I discovered that this type of behavior could be modified with the use of an automatic feeder. By using an automatic timed feeder my cat realized that I was no longer the source of food. It would appear on its own without me. Gradually over time he began to ask me less for food. Instead he will sit calmly by the feeder when it was close to meal time. It has not removed the behavior completely, but it has drastically reduced the passive aggressive behavior. I found out how to stop my cat from begging for food.

The Feeder I Use

The automatic feeder that I use is the Cat Mate C500. It is easy to program and easy to reload. It says that it hold five meals but instead it is four, which is plenty for me. There are two ice packs in the bottom to help keep the food fresh. Since I use wet food I put the next days food in the freezer over night. After he has eaten his dinner I load it for the next day. I switch out one of the freezer packs for the one I had in the freezer. Below I have a link to the feeder. If you found any of this useful feel free to leave a comment below. Also I made a list of foods that are safe and unsafe for cats to eat you can check out.

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