How I Create My Cat Video Art

In this post I want to show step by step how I create my cat video art, post to social media and create products for my shop. Making these videos is something that I really enjoy. It is my way of putting something positive into the world. I have not sold any products from my store as it has been more of a learning experience for when I will design shops for people in the future. Hopefully you will find this information useful and feel free to share any creations you make in the comments section below.


Creating the image and editing it is all done on my phone. First I take two pictures for my cat video art. One of my cat and one of this painting I have been working on since 2016. Since the painting is 16′ by 6′ and fairly detailed I can always find a new spot to take a close up. Usually I take a picture of where I have been working on it as I usually work on it each day. Taking a picture of my cat is fairly easy. He is very photogenic.


Editing the pictures in Photoshop Mix

I use the Photoshop Mix app, install it here, to edit together the two images. First I import the background image. Now I use the auto adjust as well as editing the clarity and saturation. Since instagram is square I then crop it as a square. Next I push the plus icon and add the picture of my cat. Just like the background I auto adjust the photo.

Now I have to cut out the image of my cat using the cut out button. I use the add button and carefully auto select my cat. Next I use the subtract to go around the edges to make sure it is a clean selection. The next step is to use the refine function to feather the image to a level of 10. Now all I have to do is resize my cat and place him somewhere near the center. Finally I export the image.

Editing the Picture in Pixaloop

In order to animate the picture I use an app called Pixaloop. Install it here. The first thing I do is import the picture. Next I use overlay to add some random movement to the image. Now under sky I chose an overlay for the image as a color filter that I like. Under animate I chose the freeze function. Carefully I highlight my cat. This will freeze this area of the photo so that everything else moves but not him. Next I use the eraser button to go around the edges to make sure it is a clean selection. The fun part is using the path button. You draw lines and it will loop an animation moving the pixels in the direction of the arrows. Finally I export the video to Instagram.

Publishing to Social Media

Next I publish the video to social media to show the world how great my cat is. I use Tagstagram to generate a bunch of hashtags. Now all I have to do is tag my location and publish to Facebook and Twitter as well. I just started publishing to TikTok as well which is a fun way to add audio.

Creating Products with Printify and WooCommerce

The final step is to use Printify to create posters and a t-shirt to sell on my site using WooCommerce. I will have to create a post about how I integrated Printify and WooCommerce into my WordPress site but for now I will just show what I do after I create a new image. First I go to My Store after logging into the Printify website. I click make a copy for one of my previously made posters and one of my previously made t-shirts. This saves me time as I do not have a create an entirely new product.

Now I edit each listing and modify the image by deleting the previous image and uploading the new one. I use the Photos app to export the image from my phone to my computer. I make sure to position the image so that it maximizes the resolution while still fitting into the poster. Finally I publish the product to the WooCommerce store and it automatically lists the products in the store on my page.

Final Image and Video

Below are the final image and video of my cat video art as well as a live feed of my Instagram. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you create something please share in the comments below or share it with me using the contact links at the bottom of the page.

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  1. Amazing work and Clear presentation. After reading your post, it seems that I can easily make a video like this now. I learned something new. Thanks a lot man.

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