Current Work in Progress

I have been working on a 16′ by 6′ painting since 2016. Check out this blog article about it.


Every day I take a picture of my cat and of where I worked on the above painting and edit them together as a video. Check out my instagram if you want to see more.

Portraits of Russian Artists

These are three 3′ by 5′ oil paintings that took around 9 months each. From left to right they are Stravinsky, Shostakovich and Tarkovsky. I combined profile and three quarters profile images together. I shot video of the entire process and made the following video:


I made the following video from the assets I created when I was making a linguistics app.


I made this video by painting in photoshop while using screen capture software to record the process. I then time lapsed the video and edited it in After Effects. I used three reference photos from when I went to Italy.

Possible and Remembered Time

The following video is of an interview from when I showed my art at Colab. I painted found TV’s and used them to display my video art.

Ritual in Circular Time

Click here for an article from the Austin Chronicle about a film I made of my digital art.

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